What does it mean to be creditworthy?

Your credit score may seem like a random number, but it provides financial institutions and other companies with a snapshot of how “creditworthy” you are, which can have a big impact on your life. Understanding how credit scores and reports work can help you achieve financial goals such as buying a home, leasing a car, or paying off debt. 

Credit Cards

Credit card payment history accounts for approximately 35% of your credit score, so one way to build your credit score is to always pay your bills on time and in full. Take 5 minutes to learn more about credit card benefits and costs.

Considering Homeownership

When shopping for a home, some of the biggest obstacles can be low credit scores. Use these tips to improve your credit score as you prepare for homeownership

Car Loans

Shopping around for a shiny new car? Before you buy, it’s important to know the credit requirement for auto loans. Take this short lesson to learn the basics.


With a few tips, we can help you develop healthier credit habits in less than 10 minutes. Visit our Smart Steps Financial Education Center to learn more.