Ready to Open a Certificate? Choose Kinetic


Interest rates are higher than they’ve been in years, making now a great time to open a certificate. Certificates are a simple, risk-free way to use your savings to earn interest. Kinetic Credit Union offers our members a variety of certificates ranging from 3 months to 48 months, so you can put your money to work.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Open a Certificate

Interest rates are higher than they’ve been in years, after several rate increases by the Fed. With the central bank shifting interest rates higher, it’s getting more expensive to borrow money, and more lucrative to lend it. Savers are seeing the most attractive rates on savings in years, and most analysts expect that interest rates will decrease in the future. Since certificates guarantee your rate of return when you purchase them, you will likely get the best return on your money by opening certificates before the Fed starts lowering rates, which will cause rates to decrease throughout the financial system.

How Certificates Work

With a certificate, you agree to leave your money on deposit with a financial institution for a specified period at a particular rate. Certificates are a popular choice because they allow depositors to put their hard-earned savings to work for them without exposing them to risk. The only potential downside to a certificate is that you can’t access the money for the term of the certificate, but with so many different terms available, Kinetic Credit Union has a certificate option for everyone.

At Kinetic, our certificate terms range from 3 to 48 months. If you just want to put some of your savings to work earning interest for a few months, but you don’t want to be unable to access them long-term, one of our shorter-term certificates might be the right choice. If you are planning to make a major purchase, like a house, in a few years, consider a longer term to lock in an attractive rate for a longer time.

Kinetic Credit Union also offers several special certificates to support our members in various stages of life. Our Prime Club members (members ages 50 and up) have access to special rates on their certificates. We also offer a special first-time homebuyer certificate that includes a closing credit of $500 toward your mortgage closing with Kinetic at maturity.

Advantages of Kinetic Credit Union Certificates

If you are interested in opening certificates to get your savings working harder for you, consider working with Kinetic Credit Union. We offer a wide variety of certificates to suit your needs, and our minimum deposit is only $500, making certificates accessible to our members.

No Maintenance Fees on Certificates

All of our certificates have no maintenance fee, so you get to keep all of the interest earned by your money. That means more money to save, invest, or spend in the future. 

Wide Variety of Terms to Suit Your Needs

Whether you want to take advantage of the current high-interest rates to earn a little extra interest on your savings this year or open a certificate for up to four years, we have an option for you.

Specialized Certificates for Prime Club Members and First-Time Homebuyers

To better serve our members, we offer a few special certificate options that might be right for you. If you are a member of our Prime Club (members aged 50 and up), we offer special rates on our certificates to help turbo-charge your savings goals. If you are working toward purchasing your first home, we have a unique certificate product that includes a $500 credit toward your mortgage closing with Kinetic. At Kinetic Credit Union, we understand that it’s a difficult time to buy a house, particularly for first-time buyers, and we want to support our members as they work toward home ownership.

Open Your Certificate With Kinetic Credit Union Today

Now is a great time to take advantage of high-interest rates and earn interest on your savings. Kinetic Credit Union offers a variety of certificates to suit your goals. If you are ready to put your savings to work for you in a simple, safe way, Kinetic is the place for you. Whether you are a new or existing member, we are here to help. Get started earning more on your savings today.