Kinetic Military Services: Do You Know the Benefits?

Did you know? Kinetic Credit Union has deep military ties. From our founding days, we have been involved in the military community and it’s our goal to serve military members and their families to facilitate their specific needs. 

We know how frustrating it can be to change addresses, have training schedules adjusted at a moment’s notice, and to wait for scheduled paychecks. That’s why we have certain protocols in place to help better serve our military members.

One of the biggest perks to having an account with Kinetic Credit Union is access to early military pay. A full 24 hours before paychecks drop from the DoD, you can find the money in your account. Pay is released at 9 am Eastern Time the day before DoD’s scheduled payments. This means more flexibility with bills and better access to your funds, just by having an account with kinetic at Fort Benning, GA, or beyond.

Kinetic members also have access to ATM locations across Fort Benning, as well as a drive-through bank location. Gain access to your funds from six separate stops across Fort Benning.

Deploying suddenly? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re going overseas or out of state on TDY we want you to have a financially successful trip. We have a variety of free resources that include financial tips during deployment. Take a look at these documents for smart money tips while you or a family member is away.

We also have a dedicated manager who serves our military members. Get in touch for access to our manager who’s well-versed with military customs and circumstances. 

Kinetic Credit Union’s Military History

In 1956, Kinetic Credit Union got its start as Infantry Center Federal Credit Union. It was founded by 50 civilian employees working at Fort Benning. It was their goal to create a financial institution that would work with military members and the unique financial challenges they face such as access to a bank on post.

Today, that same mantra reigns true with Kinetic Credit Union. Now with a different name, those same original values still remain intact.

Join Kinetic’s Military Financial Efforts Today

Are you ready to see what the fuss is about? Kinetic was founded by military-adjacent professionals when they saw a need for a different kind of credit union. One that helped fellow military members in their finances, one that understood the challenges of deployments, and more. Today, that effort has created success in a growing number of bank accounts. It’s why we are proud to sign on each and every military member with their new bank account.

Plus, each Kinetic member gains access to the rest of our perks, such as rewards, a free app to help manage money, and more.

For military members in the Fort Benning and Columbus, GA areas, we’re here to serve you with your financial needs. Learn more about the perks of working with Kinetic Credit Union and how we can set you up with an account today.