Credit Union Car Loan: Here are the Perks!

Looking to upgrade your ride or bring a new vehicle home? It can be an exciting purchase for many, but choosing where to finance your new ride can be daunting. At Kinetic, we offer credit union car loans and refinancing car loans to help you with your vehicle buying needs. We’re here to help you with this exciting decision!

Differences Between Banks & Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions have many similarities, but when it comes to using a credit union for auto loans, there are some key differences. The most fundamental difference between the two is the profit structure - banks are for-profit, and credit unions are not-for-profit. When you join a credit union, you are more than just a “customer”, you are a “member”. As a member, you gain benefits and perks such as receiving lower interest rates and lower fees, as earnings are passed on to you.

Perks Of Kinetic Credit Union Car Loans

Now that you understand the basic differences between the two institutions, you may be asking yourself why this matters when using a credit union for car loans. For starters, one of the biggest perks of Kinetic car loans is the lower interest rates you may receive. Members also gain access to pre-approval for auto loans which saves time and money in the car buying process. Having a credit union car loan gives you access to your credit union team. Having a local credit union can help personalize your experience and make the entire process more enjoyable! Our team of auto loan specialists is ready to help you through the task of applying for your own Kinetic car loan.

Refinancing Car Loans from Kinetic

Maybe you already have a vehicle and are just in the market for lowering your existing loan rates. Good news! Kinetic can help with your refinancing car loan needs as well. Refinancing is a great way to free up extra cash each month and lower your monthly payments. When you refinance a car loan, you essentially are taking out a new loan to pay off the existing loan. The new loan is aimed to have a lower interest rate, and therefore, to reduce your monthly amount owed. This can help accelerate your savings or simply allow you to put that money towards other spending priorities. In addition to the standard credit union car loan perks above, new Kinetic refinancing car loans allow access to delaying the first payment for up to 60 days. In addition to this, we will pay you $100 to switch from another lender to Kinetic for your refinancing car loan!

Kinetic Membership Benefits

If these aren’t compelling reasons enough to use a credit union car loan, don’t forget Kinetic has many other membership perks for more than just vehicle loans. Kinetic Credit Union has a lot to offer our members. From free ATMs nationwide to Identity Theft Protection and even discounts on movie tickets - maybe you can drive that new car of yours to the theater!

Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle or refinancing, Kinetic can help you save money with great rates, flexible products, and exceptional service. 

Call us today to get started and see what you can save!