Advantages of Kinetic Business Services

Kinetic Credit Union offers support to meet every small business’s banking needs. Kinetic has a variety of Business Services to aid your success in your market. From personalized, close communication with a Relationship Manager to helping you find tax advantages for commercial real estate lending, Kinetic will be there for you and your business. There are several business banking services to consider when deciding on the bank to trust for your small business banking needs. Kinetic Business Services offer a diverse range of services to meet your business banking needs.

High-Touch Service for Your Business Banking Needs

Kinetic banking services such as the high-touch service approach mean you always have someone to communicate directly with in order to achieve your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. This business banking approach ensures that customer needs are always met and business owners have the ability to speak directly with representatives, like the personal Relationship Managers available through Kinetic Business Services. Agents listen and review account information to best understand each customer’s needs. Our exclusive focus on the small business market makes us the most knowledgeable bank staff available. Kinetic understands financial needs and can identify growth opportunities to support businesses. Small business value knowledge and Kinetic Credit Union Relationship Managers deliver high-touch service to guide your business through every financial decision.

Small Business Loans

On top of offering high-touch service, Kinetic Bank Services also provides competitive loan rates (and checking rates!) as well as a variety of loan structures and terms. Every business has unique needs when it comes to loans. The success of clients is important that’s why Kinetic provides such a vast range of loan options; loans help a business grow. Whether the plan is to hire more employees, expand into new market areas, offer new products/services, or grow an existing business location, your business needs cash to do so. With the right business loan, it will cover the upfront costs of expansion, allowing you to pursue profitable growth. Business banking with Kinetic will provide you with the small business banking and financial service you need to compete, grow, and prosper.

Grow Fearlessly with NOWaccount

Go after larger accounts or maybe even international accounts with NOWaccount. Kinetic Business Services makes it possible despite the longer payment terms that frequently come with these accounts. NOWaccount eases cash flow. It allows businesses to receive payments in days. While allowing your business’s customers to maintain the 30, 60, or 90-day terms they require.

Business Banking with Kinetic Credit Union

Kinetic offers a diverse selection of Business Services to meet your business banking needs. With such an expansive list of business services, we’re certain that business owners will be confident in their decision to trust our bank to assist with all of their business banking needs. Relationship Managers will guide you through determining the best path for your unique situation and goals.

To make an appointment to see one of our Business Services professionals, call 706.320.8537 or come by our 13th Street location in Columbus, GA. Kinetic will provide you with the small business banking and financial service you need.