At Kinetic Credit Union, we are proud to recognize greatness when we see it. Through our Kinetic Community Awards programs, we give recognition to outstanding student-athletes and teachers within our community.

Scholar-Athlete Program

At Kinetic Credit Union, we applaud student-athletes who succeed in balancing academic achievement along with their commitment to their respective sport. Scholar-Athlete is a title that not many can achieve and we want to create a sense of pride and accomplishment by honoring those worthy of the title. While many students can obtain fantastic marks and test scores, it is not always easy to do so while playing a sport or participating in extra-curricular activities. We want to give these students the opportunity to be awarded for their hard work and their efforts.

Scholar-Athletes whose athletic prowess on the field or on the court matches their academic accolades are honored with this Scholar-Athlete of the Week Award. We are proud to partner with WTVM News Leader 9 in honoring our talented student-athletes.

This community award will be given each week throughout the school year. Each week’s recipient is featured during the 11 p.m. news hour every Tuesday evening and the 6 a.m. news hour each Wednesday morning on the WTVM News Leader 9 station.

Our athletes would not be where they are, however, without the support of their coaches and teachers. Teachers, we are delighted to recognize your efforts as well.

Golden Apple Program

Through our Golden Apple Award Program, Kinetic Credit Union presents well-deserving teachers with the recognition they deserve for their outstanding performance and dedication in their classrooms. Teaching is a crucial component of our society and the impact that teachers make day in and day out is immeasurable. Those who choose teaching as their vocation illustrate their commitment to our nation’s youth each and every day.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a teacher and to reach our nation’s youth in a positive way. Kinetic is proud to recognize exemplary teachers within our community, as their impact on students is felt for a lifetime. To honor the special teachers in our community, Kinetic is pleased to partner with WRBL News 3 for the Golden Apple Award.

The Kinetic Golden Apple Award, like the scholar-athlete award, is presented weekly during the academic school year. Each week’s recipient is featured during both the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news hour on Wednesday evenings as well as the 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. news hour on Thursday mornings on WRBL News 3.

Nominate A Teacher or Student-Athlete Today

Do you know a well-deserving scholar-athlete or teacher? You can nominate a student, teacher, or both today on our website. Click the following links for student-athletes and teachers then complete the nomination form on our website.

Show how proud you are of the student-athletes and teachers in our community and within your school. Nominate them today!