Great news for the entire Kinetic Credit Union community! A new service is underway. By popular demand, it’s now easier than ever to add on available services to your online credit union account – all from your desktop or mobile device. Log in from the location that works for you and add services as you see fit. It’s a win-win situation that you can use to help monitor your spending habits.  

Just when you thought Kinetic’s account benefits couldn’t get any better, in comes a new service: the ability to add directly from your mobile or online account. This is just one great addition from your credit union benefits that users in Columbus, GA and beyond can take advantage of with their monetary goals and everyday habits.

Here’s how it works:

This new service allows credit union members to add new products or services to their accounts, directly from online or mobile banking. Without the need for additional paperwork, or the help of a representative, credit union members can:


  • Login to online banking
  • Click on Additional Services
  • Select Open New Account

Mobile Device

  • Login to your Kinetic Mobile Banking App
  • Click on More on the bottom toolbar
  • Click Open New Account at the top

And the rest is history! Now it’s easier than ever to gain access to the services you need through Kinetic Credit Union.

But that’s just one more benefit members can gain access to when signing with Kinetic Credit Union. As always, members get the full umbrella of Kinetic services, like easy-to-use platforms, mobile pay, access to coupons, monetary resources, and more. Meanwhile, Kinetic members can also gain savings by getting lower interest rates when borrowing through Kinetic Credit Union.

If you already have at least one account with Kinetic, you know exactly the benefits that we speak of. However, if you have yet to experience the credit union difference, there is much to get excited about. Especially for users who have only ever worked with traditional banks.

Why Work with Kinetic Credit Union?

If you’re local to the Columbus, GA area, opening an account with Kinetic Credit Union can mean stopping at your credit union in person. Kinetic is home to several stops in the area, including ATMs and a brick-and-mortar building on Fort Moore.

Kinetic members are a community of like-minded customers who work together to create deals, discounts, and other savings for each of their customers. Use your card on a regular basis and gain access to even further benefits.

If you’re ready to experience the Kinetic Credit Union difference, start the process to become a member today. With Kinetic on your side and plenty of financial benefits that await, you can start earning progress toward your goals today.

Learn more by getting in touch with us today. Want to see what other benefits Kinetic has to offer? Take a look at all of our member benefits