Don’t have any cash or you left your wallet at home? No worries! Mobile payments are simple and easy to use. There is no need to carry your wallet with you on shopping trips, all you need is your mobile device.

Mobile Payment Options Offered By Kinetic Credit Union

Kinetic Credit Union is now offering multiple different mobile payment options. You can access your card through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.

Apple Pay

You can add your Kinetic debit or credit card to Apple Pay. Apple Pay is accepted nationwide at many different stores including Walgreens, McDonald’s, and Staples. Apple Pay is simple to use.

  1. Go to your Apple devices settings, and add your credit or debit card to your Apple Pay Wallet.
  2. Follow instructions to verify your card information.
  3. You can make your Kinetic card the default card, then start shopping!

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is much like Apple Pay, with a Samsung device. It is easy to set up and you can connect your Kinetic debit and credit cards. To get started shopping simpler with Samsung follow these steps.

  1.  Check to see if your Samsung device is compatible with Samsung Pay, then open the Samsung Pay app.
  2. Take a picture of your debit or credit card with your device’s camera.
  3. Finish the setup process by verifying with your thumbprint and backup PIN, and follow the steps to verify your card information.
  4. Set up your Kinetic card as the default card, and enjoy easy spending!

Google Pay

Now with Google Pay, you can also access your Kinetic debit and credit cards through your phone. All you have to do is download the Google Pay app on your device and your purchases are just one click away. Set up Google Pay with these easy steps.

  1. Click on Menu, then tap payment methods.
  2. Scroll down and hit add a payment method, and add your payment method.
  3. You can add your Kinetic debit or credit card by taking a picture.
  4. Follow the steps to verify your card information, and click save your card.

Benefits of Mobile Payments

There are many benefits to using mobile payment options offered by Kinetic Credit Union. These benefits include a more secure payment, faster payment options, and always being able to pay.

There are so many scams and identity theft in today’s day and age, why not find a more secure way to pay? Using mobile payment options encrypt your card information so neither the merchant nor the payment option (Apple, Samsung, or Google) has your full card number. Only you do! Each transaction you make with one of these options has a specific number or token that goes with each transaction so your information can stay secure.

Not only are mobile payments more secure they are also a faster way to pay for your convenience. It is as simple as tapping your card to the console at the store and you are ready to go. This method is touchless, keeping germs away.

With mobile payment options, you will never run out of cash again. Your card will be accessible to you through your mobile device at any time. That means no more running out of cash or rummaging through your purse or wallet looking for your card.

Questions? Call us today to help you get started living simpler with mobile payments!