New Year, New Way to Bank

It’s a new year and while you may have already abandoned some of your goals, we have one that is easily achievable! One thing that never seems to get old is the quest to save time. Time management is often a task that many folks need to work on improving. And who can blame them really?

We could all use more time with our loved ones or simply relax, doing an activity we enjoy. More time for us equals less stress and an abundance of other positives. That’s where mobile payments with Kinetic Credit Union and the benefits of using mobile payments can help! And make it easy!

What Can Kinetic Mobile Payments Do For You?

The main benefit of mobile payments is that you can make fast and easy transactions almost anywhere you shop. No more riffling through your purse to find your wallet, punching in that pin number, or getting up from your computer to go find your credit card and type in all the information when shopping online. With mobile payments, you can add your Kinetic VISA® Credit Card to your phone and other devices.

It’s Quick and Easy

Adding your Kinetic VISA® Credit Card to one of the major wallet or third-party pay applications is easy as one, two, three! Our Kinetic VISA® Credit Card is compatible with all of the major players: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. No matter your device or provider, there’s an easy way to add your credit card to make mobile payments at your convenience.

At Kinetic Credit Union, we’ve even made it easy for you to add your credit card by following the clear instructions on our website. Click here for the instructions on whether you use Apple, Samsung, or Google devices.

Get the Most Out of Your Kinetic VISA® Credit Card

By adding your credit card and using Kinetic mobile payments, you’ll be better able to take advantage of all of your Kinetic VISA® Credit Card benefits and perks! The VISA® Diamond Credit Card includes many great benefits besides the mobile payment option, like no annual fees, cash advances, balance transfers, and more!

Those perks and benefits include travel rewards, merchandise savings, and even event tickets. You can also save up your rewards to give back to your favorite charity or download your favorite music and movies. To read more about these perks, check out our website.

Ready for Kinetic Mobile Payments & More?

If this sounds like a great way to save time for you, add your Kinetic VISA® Credit Card to your mobile phone or other device today and start saving time with mobile payments.

Don’t have the Kinetic VISA® Credit Card yet? You can apply here today!

Save time and trouble, and add mobile payments to your digital wallet with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay today, and don’t forget to cash in on all of the benefits and perks that come with your Kinetic VISA® Credit Card!