Kinetic Credit Union is seeking high energy candidates for the position of Lead Teller Specialist.. The primary role of the Lead Teller Specialist is to assist leadership, as requested, while engaging members via the Personal Teller Kiosk. This includes, but is not limited to: handling requests for balance information, transfers, loan payments, withdrawals, account research, product information, and customer service on deposit and loan accounts. The Teller Specialist is seeking out opportunities to expand our member’s relationship with the Credit Union. They provide service and support for members handling requests that are sometimes routine in nature and others that require extensive research and use of problem solving skills to identify and resolve issues. They must excel in a fast-paced environment with exceptional time management skills balancing member interaction via Personal Teller Kiosks located at multiple locations. A courteous, professional demeanor, ability to effectively communicate via email and video conference, and a high level of integrity are essential to this role. This position takes complete ownership of the members needs while meeting Kinetic’s performance standards

  • Assist leadership with assigned tasks, while not impacting overall service to membership. Some additional tasks would include, but are not limited to:
  • Scheduled to and open and close Teller Center in place of management. This includes monitoring video and signage to ensure all members are assisted, prior to Specialists logging out.
  • Processing OFAC pulls, when presented after hours, and submitting necessary forms to Support Services for tracking.
  • Lowering and raising accounts levels for co-workers to access and process transactions, as presented.
  • Provide necessary overrides for transactions, as needed by co-workers, in the absence of management.
  • Monitor coin usage in PTMs and notify management of coin count needed to replenish, prior to depletion.
  • Process accounting reports received from Brinks and input information into PTM vault. Ensure appropriate GLs are used and vault balances with reports on a daily balance.
  • Submit cash orders to management to ensure adequate cash is on hand to fulfill replenishment orders for all PTMs in a timely manner.
  • Participate in the Community Involvement goals of the credit union.

This position requires a high school diploma or the equivalent and a commensurate level of language, math and reasoning skills. In addition, two years of experience in sales or retail sales experience in a goal-driven environment with proven results. Formal training should be supplemented with continuing education.

Continuous speaking and hearing when interacting with members and staff. Frequent use of judgment, reasoning and patience and negotiation when resolving problems. Frequent use of initiative and problem solving skills. Continuous concentration and precision to ensure accuracy of work. Frequent performance of basic and complex numerical calculations, as well as writing, reading, comparing and analyzing. Continuous memory demands in recalling credit union policies, services, state and federal regulations.

Frequent standing/walking as well as continuous sitting for long periods of time and must be able to lift and move at least 25 pounds. Frequent use of hands in repetitive tasks requiring dexterity to perform duties such as typing, data entry, writing, use of calculator. Frequent twisting, turning, bending, kneeling and squatting to reach supplies and equipment.

Normal workday with occasional overtime. Occasional travel to credit union events and for job-specific purposes. Office hours dependent upon location. Work shifts, duties and work locations may be rotated to accommodate the needs of the organization.