Start the Holidays With Kinetic Credit Union Savings Accounts

With the holidays quickly approaching and the year coming to a close, what better time to consider saving for the future? Kinetic Credit Union provides our members with many options to help them meet their financial goals. Whether you are interested in opening a new savings account for yourself, starting a savings account for your children, or maybe even adjusting your current Kinetic savings account to an IRA savings account.

Types of Kinetic Savings Accounts

Kinetic Credit Union offers a variety of different savings accounts suited for all ages and financial goals. Our Regular Savings account is perfect for your vacation or a rainy-day fund. Your money will continue to grow on its own until it’s time to use it.

Looking to teach your kids financial responsibility? Kinetic’s Greenkids and Xtreme Savers Savings Accounts are made for kids ages 17 and under, so they can begin building good savings habits.

We also offer a Prime Club Savings Account for members over the age of 50, a Christmas Savings account to help prepare for all of those holiday expenses, a Tax Savings Account to save for your tax expenses throughout the years, and a Money Market and IRA (Roth and Traditional) Account for all your investment and retirement needs.

Below is a list of our Savings Account options:

Regular Savings

Greenkids Savings

Xtreme Savers

Prime Club

Money Market Savings

IRA Savings

Enjoy New Member Benefits

The benefits of a Kinetic membership extend far beyond convenient banking solutions, competitive rates, and financial advice. Kinetic Credit Union focuses on the unique needs of our members while supporting and improving their lives. When you open a new member’s savings account with Kinetic Credit Union it will allow you access to the many benefits our members receive.


Choose Kinetic Credit Union For Holiday Savings

Kinetic Credit Union in Columbus, Georgia is prepared to help you meet all of your savings goals. All of our Kinetic Savings Accounts are sure to have your money working for you so you can hit your financial goals faster. Check out our savings account options here or visit any of our full-services branches today to get started.