While the most wonderful time of the year features lots of fun things like cookies and hot cocoa, festive decorations, and time with family and friends, sometimes the holiday season can be financially intimidating. A Gallup poll found that American adults estimate they will spend an average of $932 on gifts this Christmas. And that’s just the gifts. You’ll probably also want to spend some extra money on travel, food, decorations, and seasonal activities.

With extra expenses for the holidays piling up, it is important to have a smart spending strategy. Take advantage of credit union member benefits to leverage the right tools to keep your season bright!

Choosing the Right Credit Card

According to a MoneyGeek survey, Americans paid for 65% of holiday spending with credit cards last year. If you’re planning to use a credit card for your holiday shopping, consider a card from your local credit union. Credit union credit cards often feature competitive perks and attractive interest rates, plus the personalized service you expect from a local credit union.

There are a host of features to consider when you are shopping for a new credit union credit card. Does the card offer an attractive rewards program, with generous points and flexible redemption options? Is there an annual fee? How convenient is it to make payments?

You’ll also want to consider the APR if you expect to transfer or carry a balance. This rate will vary based on your creditworthiness and prevailing market conditions.

Kinetic’s VISA Diamond Credit Card Perks

Kinetic Credit Union is proud to offer the VISA Diamond credit card to our members. This card offers an attractive set of perks and features and is a competitive credit card for all your borrowing needs.

No Annual Fee

The VISA Diamond card doesn’t charge you an annual fee. Annual fees vary dramatically from card to card, with some around $50 and others as high as $500 or more. Choosing a fee-free card from your local credit union saves you anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks to put toward your holiday purchases each year.

Mobile Payments

Convenience and security are critical factors to consider when selecting a credit union credit card. With your Kinetic VISA Diamond card, you can make mobile payments right from your smartphone. Mobile payments are more secure than traditional credit cards, including chip-enabled cards. By using mobile payments, you protect your card information every time you check out, plus you reduce the likelihood that you might lose the physical card.

Other Features

Your Kinetic VISA Diamond card offers other benefits cash advances at ATMs worldwide, balance transfers, and optional credit life and credit disability insurance. With a competitive set of perks and features, the VISA Diamond card is just another great credit union member benefit that we are proud to offer our community.

Ready to Start Shopping?

To apply for a new VISA Diamond credit card from Kinetic Credit Union, visit this page and click the link to apply. Questions about our credit card or other service offerings? Contact us and one of our friendly member service representatives will be happy to assist you.