Holiday Spending Underway?

Use These 4 Tips to Track Your Purchases

Now that we're in prime holiday shopping season, it's time to consider if you're using the best financial tools available. Sure, you likely have a spending budget, but are you using all the tools at your disposal? A smart plan for purchasing gifts of any size can help the season run smoother and stress-free.

That's why, at Kinetic Credit Union, we want our customers to be prepared and ready for whatever holiday shopping might send their way. Take a look at these smart and effective financial tips to keep your bank account – and your gift giving skills in tip-top shape.

1. Use the Kinetic App 

All Kinetic Credit Union members have access to our free app. Connect to your Android or iOS device for quick access to funds, mobile payments, and more. Better yet is that you have instant access to payments and transactions in one place. No more guessing at how long it will take for transactions to post. With the Kinetic Credit Union App you can easily see how much you've spent, and where, with the touch of a few buttons.

You can also link cards or use the map finder for mobile payment options, and a stop-by-stop spot of businesses that accept mobile pay.

2. Check Your Kinetic Account Frequently 

It's easy to get caught up in holiday spending. Before you know it, you've gone over the budgeted allowances. However, with frequent check-ins, you can avoid this financial fiasco.  Make note to check your account frequently for holiday spending, especially when sharing your account with a spouse or additional card holder.

3. Look for Deals

This is one of the easiest ways to save! Whether you're shopping online or in person, scour the net for a good deal. This can come in the form of sales, coupon codes, rebates, and more. The more you can research your savings on the front end, the more funds you can keep safely in your account.

4. Check Out Member Options for Using Your Kinetic Checking Account

Did you know? Members of Kinetic Credit Union are subject to money saving benefits all year long.  Utilizing these checking account benefits during your most expensive times of the year can help you save tremendously. 

Check out additional savings with your benefits like: 

  • Coupons – print or redeem coupons online through Kinetic's growing list of retail partners. 
  • Purchase Rewards – Use your Kinetic Credit Union card and rack up the points. The more you spend, the more points you earn toward savings, including cash-back bonuses that drop directly into your account. 
  • OOPS! – Accidentally overdraft? Kinetic has you covered. Our OOPS – Occasional Overdraft Protection Program allows those in good standing to avoid certain overdraft penalties. 
  • Lowered Interest Rates – Using a credit card for your holiday spend? Members get lowered interest rates to help them save while paying off a balance. 

Don't attempt holiday spending without a plan this year. Check out these proven, money-saving tips to keep your holidays merry, and under-budget.

To learn more about earning points with your Kinetic account, contact us today at 706-320-8500.