Are you looking for a new credit card? Kinetic Credit Union is proud to offer the VISA® Diamond credit card for all your borrowing needs. The Kinetic VISA® credit card features a ton of great benefits including no annual fee, mobile payments, a 25-day grace period, cash advances at ATMs worldwide, balance transfers, optional Credit Life and Credit Disability insurance, and Scorecard Rewards! Between this card’s competitive rates and a plethora of rewards and benefits, it is a great option for all Kinetic Credit Union members. Kinetic Credit Union makes applying easier than ever. Visit our website to start your application today!

Kinetic Credit Rewards

Every time you use your Kinetic Credit Union VISA® Diamond credit card, you earn points through Scorecard Rewards! Scorecard Rewards allows you to choose whether you spend your points for cash back, merchandise, gift cards, or travel. During your first 45 days, you’ll be earning double points! After that, you receive one point for every $2 spent. Scorecard Rewards has thousands of merchandise items available to spend your reward points on – regularly updated with monthly and seasonal specials. You can also spend your points on travel, hotels, car rentals, and round-trip coach airline tickets to virtually anywhere in the world! Now, you can schedule that well-deserved weekend getaway you’ve been dreaming about. Your rewards options don’t end there. Points can be redeemed for event tickets for a variety of attractions and activities, digital downloads such as movies and music, and giving back to your charity of choice. To learn more about the Kinetic VISA® Diamond credit card’s rewards program, visit Scorecard Rewards.


Since the Kinetic VISA® Diamond credit card has no annual fee, you can genuinely reward yourself by saving up those points. Mobile payments, our 25-day grace period, and easy access via ATMs worldwide make this card a no-brainer. Because of the 25-day grace period, you will not be charged any interest on purchases so long as you pay your entire balance by the due date (which is 25-days after the close of each billing cycle) each month.

How to Apply

Kinetic Credit Union makes it easy for you to apply for your brand new credit card. By visiting our website and clicking “Apply Today,” you can start your application in no time. You can even provide information to transfer balances on existing credit cards to your new card during the application process. The standard variable APR for purchases on your new Kinetic credit card is the Prime Rate (index) plus a margin based on your creditworthiness. Please note that these rates will vary with the Prime Rate.


Sign Up For Your New Kinetic VISA® Diamond Credit Card Today!

Kinetic Credit Union’s VISA® Diamond credit card is a perfect, competitive credit card for all of our valued members. With no annual fee to worry about and points to reward you with every purchase, apply for our VISA® Diamond card today!


Visit Kinetic Credit Union to get started on your application today.