Ready to Refinance Your Auto Loan? Kinetic Can Help!

Refinance your car loan and save when you work with Kinetic Credit Union. Why pay hundreds – even thousands – of extra dollars when you can find a lower rate instead? That’s right, you may be eligible for a lower rate on your vehicle loan when you refinance through Kinetic Credit Union. But that’s not all you’ll get for your efforts, of course. In working with Kinetic in Columbus, Georgia, you can also gain access to Kinetic’s long list of perks.

Joining Kinetic Credit Union means you become part of the family. As a credit union – vs. a bank – members have insider info and accessibility. Opt for a 60-day payment delay when you refinance your vehicle loan to Kinetic Credit Union. That’s two entire months where you don’t have to pay. Meanwhile, Kinetic members get perks like free resources, easy online or mobile pay, and a direct line to advice on your auto loan, or any other financial matter.

These are just a few reasons as to why Kinetic Credit Union members happily refer us to their friends and family members for years to come. Ready to experience the Kinetic difference for yourself? Give us a call and see how much you could be saving when you refinance your auto loan.

Refinance Your Auto Loan and Earn!

New Kinetic customers can earn when they refinance their auto loan. Earn $100 once you sign! That’s right, $100 just to refinance your auto loan. Its money saved for the long haul, and $100 earned right off the bat. It’s a no-brainer. All you have to do is the paperwork. Let us handle the rest while you continue to save your hard-earned dollars.

Sign Up and Save with Kinetic Credit Union

Interest rates are constantly changing, so why not see if you can get a better rate than you did when you purchased your vehicle? Whether you have improved your credit score, paid enough of the principal interest down, or rates simply lower with the time of the year or market, you have nothing to lose. Take a look and see what you could be lowering your payment to when you switch to Kinetic Credit Union’s auto financing program.

It’s also a good idea to think about the long term. Sure, a percentage point or decimal may not seem like that big of a deal, but what about when it adds up? Every single day these interest amounts compile to create more and more dollars due. Why pay more than you have to? For the same vehicle? See just how much you could save when you refinance your auto loan with Kinetic Credit Union today.

Ready to experience the Kinetic difference? Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about working with Kinetic in Columbus, GA. We pride ourselves in being military-friendly, and easily accessible by citizens of Phenix City, AL and Columbus alike.

To get your next auto refinance underway, get in touch with us today.

Members may opt to delay the first payment of their new Kinetic loan up to 60 days. All loans must be approved through normal underwriting procedures. Minimum loan amount is $10,000. Normal rate matching procedures will apply. Offer only valid for new Kinetic loans.