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Savings Accounts

Savings programs to help you meet your financial goals.


Regular Savings

All members open a Regular Savings Account upon joining Kinetic Credit Union. A minimum deposit of $25 is maintained in this account and serves as your share ownership in the credit union.


This special account is just for kids age 12 and younger. The Kinetic Credit Union greenkids account helps parents teach children the value of saving at a young age. When your child makes a deposit at any Kinetic Credit Union office, they will receive a stamp in their transaction register and earn great prizes. New greenkids have one year from the date the account is opened to bring their balance up to the minimum of $25.

Be sure to visit our greenkids web page  for more information.

Xtreme Savers

This special account is just for teenagers age 13-17. The Kinetic Credit Union Xtreme Savers Account is designed to help teenagers learn the importance of good savings habits.

Prime Club

Kinetic's Prime Club is available for members age 50 and above. The benefits listed below are available for anyone who is enrolled:
  • Bonus rate on Prime Club Savings
  • Bonus rate on certificates*
  • Free Notary Service
  • Discount Safe Deposit Box
  • Direct Deposit
  • Annual Financial Checkup


Christmas Savings

Kinetic Credit Union helps you prepare for your holiday expenses by offering a Christmas Savings Account. Deposit at your convenience or have regular allotments deducted from your direct deposit. Your Christmas Savings are automatically transferred to your Regular Savings Account on October 1st each year.

Tax Savings

Save for your tax expenses throughout the year and earn dividends with Kinetic Credit Union's Tax Savings Account. Deposit at your convenience or have regular allotments deducted from your direct deposit. Your tax savings are automatically transferred to your regular savings on April 1st.

Money Market Account

A Kinetic Credit Union Money Market Account is an ideal way to earn more on your savings dollars while still having access to your cash when you need it. The Kinetic Credit Union Money Market Account gives you a higher dividend rate than a regular savings account, while maintaining many of the same benefits:
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No minimum withdrawal amount
  • $2500 minimum balance required
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Individual Retirement Accounts - Traditional and Roth

IRAs are a great way to prepare for your retirement years. Dividends may be tax deferred on your account until you begin withdrawing funds. In addition, depending on your income, contributions to your IRA may be tax deductible. Although Roth IRA contributions are not tax deductible, you will never have to pay taxes on your earnings provided that you follow IRS regulations.

The benefits of an IRA from Kinetic Credit Union include:
  • Convenient payroll deduction available
  • No maintenance fees
  • Dividends compounded quarterly on the average daily balance
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Whether you are saving for short or long-term needs, certificate accounts offer a great way to save for the future. Benefits include:
  • No maintenance fee
  • $500 minimum deposit
  • Variety of terms, ranging from three months to thirty months
  • IRA Certificates
  • Prime Club members earn a special bonus rate on certificates (*certain restrictions apply).
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