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Current New Car and
Truck Rates

For Used Car and Truck rates add 0.75% to the rates below


APR* With Payroll
Deduction (1,2)

APR* Without Payroll
Deduction (1,2)

Up to 24 Months
25-36 Months
37-48 Months
49-60 Months
61-75 Months
76-84 Months
As low as 2.94%
As low as 3.19%
As low as 3.69%
As low as 3.94%
As low as 4.19%
As low as 4.69%
As low as 3.19%
As low as 3.44%
As low as 3.94%
As low as 4.19%
As low as 4.44%
As low as 4.94%

  • *APR is the annual percentage rate. Rates vary based on term of loan, age of vehicle, and your credit history. Rates and terms subject to change without notice. Terms are approximate. Rates as of July 01, 2018.
  • Rates quoted for terms 24-74 months are based on minimum loan amount of $15,000. For loan amounts $5,000-$14,999.99, add one percent. For loans up to $4,999.99, add two percent.
  • Minimum loan amount on terms 75 months and up is $25,000.
  • Auto loan rate example: $20,000 auto loan at 3.69% APR for 48 months will have monthly payments of approximately $448.81.
  • For an estimate of what your payment may be, click here to use our Loan Calculator. Please contact Kinetic Credit Union for full disclosures.
  • Must qualify for loan under Kinetic guidelines, including age (minimum 18 years of age) and value of auto.
  • These offers may be withdrawn.