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Personal Tellers

Kinetic is introducing a new Teller experience! Personal Teller Machines combine face-to-face interaction with video technology to provide a personalized, efficient service experience.

PTMs make banking fast and simple while also providing a one-on-one member experience. You can conduct a majority of your basic transactions at a PTM. Using touch-screen video, you interact with Kinetic tellers working from a centralized location. Plus, you choose how you want to communicate with the teller - speaking normally using the built-in sound system, using your own headset or earbuds, or with the provided handset.

PTMs are currently available at our Lakeside Village Branch, South Lumpkin Service Center, 13th Center Branch & Drive-thru, North Branch & Drive-thru and Phenix City Drive-thru.

Personal Teller Machines help making banking easier and more efficient

What is a PTM?
A PTM is a Personal Teller Machine. Picture an ATM that comes to life! The difference is that you can have a real time, face-to-face conversation with a Kinetic teller at the machine using two-way video. Think of it as using Skype or FaceTime to conduct secure banking transactions. The Personal Teller guides you through every step of the transaction.

How do I communicate on a PTM?
The PTM uses two-way video that will allow you to see the Teller while allowing the Teller to see you. The PTM has both speakers and a built-in microphone for traditional communication, or you may pick up a receiver or use earbuds to allow for a more private dialogue. In the lobby, you and the Personal Teller can see and hear each other using a video camera and speaker. Your conversation is just as private as if you were talking to a teller in the branch, but if you prefer greater privacy, there is handset. You may also use a text function that is located on the screen.

What transactions can I do on a PTM?
Almost every transaction you can do with a face-to-face teller can be done on a PTM. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, cash checks, and more! There are no envelopes or forms to fill out. Please note that PTMs cannot accept coins for deposit. However, coins may be dispensed for cash back transactions.

Are my transactions secure?
Your transaction is as secure as if you were doing a face-to-face transaction. They are processed exactly the same. You may be asked to scan in your ID for proper identification if one is not currently on file. A digital signature will authorize your transaction request. Transactions are recorded for quality, security, and training purposes.

Where are the Personal Tellers located?
Our Tellers are local, highly trained banking professionals located at a secure facility in the Columbus area.

Why is Kinetic using PTM technology?
The Personal Teller system improves the member experience by providing the same great personal service with greater efficiency. Personal Tellers can conduct virtually all basic teller transactions from a centralized location, thus providing faster service for your transactions.

Is there a delay when I use the PTM?
No, your account will be updated in real-time just as it would be at the teller line or drive-up. If you are unsure about the availability of your money, just ask your Personal Teller during the transaction.

What happens when I cash a check or make a deposit at a PTM?
Depositing cash or cashing a check at a Personal Teller Machine is as easy as doing it with a teller inside a branch office. There are no envelopes needed. You insert the check or cash directly into the deposit slot. For cash, the machine reads and counts each bill and displays the deposit amount on screen for verification. When depositing or cashing a check, an image of your check will appear on screen. You tell the Personal Teller what you would like to do next…deposit, receive cash back, make a payment, etc. Everything is displayed on screen to ensure accuracy. At the end of your transaction, a reduced image of your check may be printed on your receipt for your records upon request.

Where are the PTMs currently used?
PTMs are currently in use at the Lakeside Village Branch, South Lumpkin Service Center, 13th Center Branch & Drive-thru, North Branch & Drive-thru and Phenix City Drive-thru.

Will PTMs be used at other branches?
Yes, Personal Tellers will be rolled out at select branches during the next few months. Check our website for updates on new PTM locations.