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Android Pay is Here

Now you can use your Kinetic debit and credit cards with Android Pay on many of your Android Devices.

Android Pay is accepted at thousands of stores, including Macy’s, Foot Locker, Best Buy, McDonald’s, and Staples.

Add your Kinetic debit and credit cards to Android Pay today. Download the App, if it was not already pre-loaded on your device, and follow the instructions below:
  • Open the Android Pay app.
  • At the bottom right, tap +.
  • Tap 'Add a credit or debit card.'
  • Use the camera to capture your card info or enter it yourself.
  • If you're asked to verify your card, choose a verification method from the list.
  • Find and enter the verification code.
Be sure to make your Kinetic debit or credit card your default card

Once you have loaded your cards in the App, make sure to set your Kinetic debit or credit card as your default payment option.

Look for these icons at checkout:

Android Pay

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