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To usher in the next era in financial services, we’ve evolved our name and our look. It’s all to provide you the best, most innovative Member Experience ever.

We are excited to have a name that is reflective of the credit union we’ve become. While our name is changing, we are still the same strong credit union with the same Board of Directors, management, and employees. As a member you will not experience any changes to your accounts. The changes you will see will be in printed materials, signage, and a new exciting website.

To help you understand the transition of our name from TIC Federal Credit Union to Kinetic Credit Union, we’ve answered a few important questions for you.

Why are you changing the name after 57 years?
The decision to change our name was reached only after several months of market analysis and focus groups. The research confirmed that it was the right step at the right time. In 1956, TIC, The Infantry Center, was formed to serve the civilian employees at Fort Benning.  Since then, we have grown and expanded our membership to a much bigger community. We’ve spent the past few years examining how to better serve all of our members and create a brand that truly represents who we are today. After long and careful consideration, we decided upon Kinetic Credit Union, an identity that reflects our heritage and points to the future.


When will the name change take effect?
We will officially become Kinetic Credit Union on Monday, March 10, 2014.


Is the name change the result of a merger?
No. The name change is not the result of being sold or a merger with another institution. We are still the same great credit union and now we have a name that more accurately represents who we are, who we serve, and how we serve them.


What about military members?
From our historic beginnings, those in the military have represented the core identity of our membership, and nothing about that will ever change. Just as Fort Benning has evolved (what was once The Infantry Center is now the Maneuver Center of Excellence), we too are changing to better reflect where we are today and who we continue to serve. Our new name is simply a more accurate representation of our commitment to all of our 41,000 plus members, including those in the military.


Are you still a federal credit union?
Yes. Although “federal” is not in the branded name, we are still a federal credit union, backed by the NCUA share insurance fund as we always have been.


Will there be changes to my accounts?
No. Nothing about existing accounts will change. Account numbers, PINs, routing numbers, and all account information will remain exactly the same.


What about my ATM/debit/credit cards and checks that have TIC on them?
All TIC ATM cards, debit cards, credit cards, and checks will continue to function normally. If you are an existing member, all of your plastic cards will be reissued soon, reflecting the new Kinetic name and brand. Your card numbers and PINS will be the same. When it’s time to reorder your checks, your order will have the new branding on them as well and will continue with the same numbering sequence.


Do I need to notify my employer regarding my direct deposit?
No. All of the information that employers send to TIC will continue to be processed by Kinetic Credit Union. Members do not have to do anything to continue receiving direct deposit.


Will there be any impact to my social security and retirement deposits?
No. Your current social security and retirement deposits will continue as they have been.


What about my account and loan documents?
All of the documents and agreements you currently have with us will still be valid. Any new loans and account documents will reflect the new name.


Will my login change for home banking, bill pay, and mobile banking? 
No. Access to your accounts through any of our electronic services will not change. You will use the same login and password as you do now.  You will not have to re-enroll.


I use online bill pay to pay my bills. Will vendors recognize the routing number with a different name?
Yes. These transactions are based on the routing number and account number associated with your account. The routing number of the credit union will NOT change.


Will the same people still be at the branches?
Yes. The employees you are used to having serve you will be there, ready to help you with your financial needs.


Will there be any changes in leadership or management?
No. The Board of Directors and management team will be the same.


What exactly will be impacted by the new name and brand?
Beginning March 10, our name will officially change to Kinetic Credit Union. All of our printed materials and signage will be changed to reflect the new name, look, and feel of Kinetic. And we will still be the same great credit union providing you with the banking experience that you expect. In addition, a redesigned website will be available at  Once the new website is live, you will automatically be redirected to it if you accidentally put in the old URL.



Same Dedicated People.
Same Great Service.
New Exciting Name.