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eService Fraud FAQ

Best Practices for protecting your online information

The purpose of this page is to try to help our members understand current onilne threats and ways to be sure they are protecting themselves from online fraud. If you have more questions or need more information you can always contact us through email or call the credit union at 706.320.8500.

How can I be sure I am on Kinetic Credit Union's website?

There are a couple ways to be assured that you are using the correct website to access your credit union account:

First you should check the address bar of your web browser to be sure you have put in the correct URL, also know as a web address, for the credit union. Our URL is

Your address bar in your web browser should look like the examples below:
Chrome Bar Example  - Google Chrome
Internet Explorer Bar Example  - Internet Explorer
Firefox Bar Example  - Mozilla FireFox

You will notice all the examples above show are secured link with the "closed lock" icon indicating the site is secured.

You can also check the Cyveillance Seal at the bottom of every page on our website. If you are on Kinetic's website the seal should look like the image below:
Cyveillance Protected
Clicking on the Cyveillance Seal at the bottom of the page will also take you to a page with more information about the seal. If you are on a site that is trying to commit fraud and they have tried to copy our website the seal with either not be at the bottom of the page or it will look like the image below:
Cyveillance Not Valid
How many bad log in attempts before my account will be locked?

After your fifth log in attempt with the incorrect credentials your account will be locked out. Once your account is locked you will need to contact a credit union representative to have the account unlocked.

Suggestion: After 3 bad log in attemps consider utilizing the forgotten password feature. This will allow you to reset your password by utilizing our One Time Passcode system to verify your identity.

How can I be sure my password is safe?

The more complex your password is the better. Simple passwords are much easier to guess. Consider utilizing a password strength meter like this one provided by microsoft. You should always make sure you use whatever special characters the site will allow you to when creating a password. For example: if you wanted to use the word "horse" for your password you could do something like this; H0r$e1. Also, be sure to use diferent passwords for all of your financial websites.

Will the credit union ever contact me and request personal or secure information?

Kinetic Credit Union will never contact you to request information like credit card numbers, PIN numbers or social security numbers. The only time the credit union will ask you for personal information is to verify your identity when you call the credit union. For example, a credit union rep may ask you for the last 4 digits of your social security number to verify your identity.

Cyber Security Stories

Below is a list of the five latest cyber security stories posted by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)