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The brightest of futures are built on a strong foundation.

It's Just the Beginning

The 1950's brought war and a Civil Rights struggle across the United States. Soldiers fought in the Korean War overseas, and African Americans across the country were fighting for equality. Throughout Columbus, Georgia, similar struggles could be found. The need for some form of financial support for employees at Fort Benning during such a time of uncertainty became apparent, and in 1956 The Infantry Center Federal Credit Union was founded for such a purpose.

The original charter included only civilian employees on Fort Benning. During the first several years of the credit union's operation, the employee handbook for Fort Benning employees was used to educate those eligible for membership in the credit union.


Dedication and Growth

The 60's were the age of youth, as 70 million children from the post war baby boom became teenagers and young adults. Civil Rights struggles continued throughout the country and the assassination of John F. Kennedy left the nation in shock. The continuous need for stability remained.

The 60's continued to provide obstacles for everyone in the U.S. but the credit union continued to persevere through all obstacles and in May 1964, the credit union reached $1 million in assets.


Change is Inevitable

The chaotic events of the 60's seemed destined to continue in the 70's. With the political scandal and controversial court decisions being made in the U.S., the country's economy once again fell into recession. Despite the struggling financial condition all around, the credit union was able to surpass the $10 million asset mark in 1974, while also adding new facilities and services.

As the credit union was celebrating the 20th anniversary, the United States was also celebrating. In 1976, the country commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.


Expanding Services

During the 1980's hostile takeovers, leveraged buyouts and mega-mergers spawned a new type of billionaire. Ronald Reagan became the 40th president of the United States, the U.S. hosted the Summer Olympics for the first time in 56 years and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster left the nation mourning. The 80's also found the credit union expanding its membership and adding products and services that would lead them to success for many years to come.

On Monday, October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record-breaking low. This date, now known to the world as Black Monday, is documented as the worst stock market crash in history. Despite the crash, the credit union remained financially strong throughout the year.


The Age of Uncertainty

Someone labeled the 80's as the "decade of excess" and the 90's as the beginning of the age of uncertainty. As the credit union moved into the 90's, facing economic uncertainty was definitely an issue at the forefront of leaders minds. Credit unions all across the U.S. were being attacked by the banking industry. Despite all of the uncertainty, the credit union remained strong and continued to grow. In 1996 the credit union reached $100 million in assets and offered several new locations to serve its members.

TIC opened its new 13th Center location in November 1999, almost four months ahead of schedule. With this new building, the credit union also unveiled its new call center, allowing members to get answers to their questions in a timely fashion. Today the call center receives calls from all around the world.

A New Millennium

As the year 2000 approached, many around the globe prepared to face what could have been a major crash in information technology. The credit union met the challenge and has since continued to provide its member's with increased technology, including state of the art website, eBranch and most recently Bill presentment. The credit union's dedication to its members has remained strong and evident in participation in various charity events, like the Children's Miracle Network Tip-A-Snake Dinner.

In 2005 the credit union expanded its charter to a community charter. This allowed anyone who lived, worked or worshiped in the credit union's charter counties to be a member of the credit union. And in 2006, TIC introduced dialogue banking to the community with the re-opening of its Peachtree Branch.

Strong, Safe and Secure

In 2014 TIC Federal Credit Union changed its name to Kinetic Credit Union, a name that reflects our heritage & refines our future. Our name is our vow to continue to give banking a good name. While the name of the credit union changed, the same great service and stability continues to be the credit union's backbone.

Better Together

In April of 2016 Kinetic Credit Union merged with MEA Federal Credit Union. MEA had a long history of providing outstanding service to its valued members. The combination of two strong credit unions brought increased convenience with more branches and ATMs in the seven-county community, as well as a location in Valdosta to serve members in that area. Kinetic also became the official credit union for the teachers, administrators, and support staff for the various school districts in our community.
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